Sunday, May 10, 2009

See Me at Interop Tokyo 2009

In an effort to put a face behind its technology, NTT Communications will be showcasing portraits of some of their engineers at their booth at Interop Tokyo this year. And unless I had spinach in my teeth, there is a good chance my portrait will be there this year....even if I'm not. Six members of the team that runs the servers behind the HOTSPOT service, myself included, were gathered after lunch today to have our pictures taken. It wasn't anything fancy: first, they each of us pose for individual pictures, then did a few pictures of us in groups of three, and finally one big group photo of us at a conference table.

So if you find yourself at Interop Tokyo 2009 this upcoming June, swing by the NTT Communications booth. Above the booth you should see a number of portaits of engineers. I'll be the stupid-looking one.

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