Monday, July 27, 2009

Subtle error in RFC 3665 "SIP Basic Call Flow Examples"

RFC 3665 is simply a collection of SIP call flow examples for reference to implementers. However, I noticed what appears to be a small error in section 3.2 "Session Establishment Through Two Proxies" with the digest values.

In step F2 "407 Proxy Authorization Required Proxy 1 -> Alice", the proxy responds with a Proxy-Authenticate header containing the nonce value "f84f1cec41e6cbe5aea9c8e88d359". However, in F4 "INVITE Alice -> Proxy 1", where the user agent should send back the same nonce value to the proxy server along with the calculated digest, it instead sends the nonce "wf84f1ceczx41ae6cbe5aea9c8e88d359". Clearly, this is a typographical error as the nonces are identical except for the leading "w".

A cursory scan of the rest of the examples in RFC 3665 did not turn up any more mismatched nonce values. The "wf84f1ceczx41ae6cbe5aea9c8e88d359" value appears in other call sequences involving proxy authentication while the "f84f1cec41e6cbe5aea9c8e88d359" value never appears again, implying the nonce value with the "w" character prefixed should be the "correct" value.

Interestingly, while the other nonce values used in examples appear to be 32-character hexadecimal representations of 128-bit values, the "wf84f1ceczx41ae6cbe5aea9c8e88d359" value does not fit this pattern as it is both 33-characters long and "w" is not a valid hexadecimal digit. Which leads me to believe that the "f84f1cec41e6cbe5aea9c8e88d359" value is actually the correct nonce value in the "407 Proxy Authorization Required Proxy 1 -> Alice" call flow and that the other instances where the "w"-prefixed value appears are just the same typographical error replicated via copy-and-paste.

What I don't know, and would be interested in finding out, is whether the calculated digest result value examples were calculated with the "f84f1cec41e6cbe5aea9c8e88d359" nonce or with the "w"-prefixed version. Unfortunately, the RFC does not tell us what password values they used to calculate the digests, so I cannot answer that question myself.

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