Monday, June 28, 2010

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

This past Friday we had the chance to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at the Warfield in San Francisco. The music was fun and Sharon was an amazing performer and entertainer. In addition to her own high-energy dancing around the stage, she invited a few of the audience onto the stage to dance with her. This was sort-of a crap-shoot as at least one person's dance skills ranked somewhere between Elaine from Seinfeld and epileptic seizure victim. However, one guy who referred to himself as merely "The Gator" got up on stage in full 70's era leisure suit and that boy could dance. Sharon even turned the spotlight over to him and let him go to town.

I'll be damned if someone didn't manage to get a video of it and has already uploaded it to Youtube:

The opening act was The Heavy, whose is perhaps best known for their song "How Do You Like Me Now?" that Kia uses in car ads featuring bad-ass stuffed animals. Except for the horns, I wouldn't have thought that they would have been a good match for Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. But they were another high-energy act that really got the crowd riled up for the main act.

Overall it was a great show. We had some punk kids causing trouble in front of us, but eventually security took care of them and we were able to enjoy the rest of the show.


Caroline Coward said...

We were there and witnessed the awesome dancing and clothing skills of "The Gator" Who is this guy??? He had wonderful charisma, seemed to know the song, and was dressed to kill. I hope he has a fan page on Facebook - he's a personality to watch!

And Miss Sharon Stone -- OMG!! Her energy could power Manhattan for a week!

Kelly Yancey said...

@Caroline: I was really impressed how calm, cool, and collected he was for a man just pulled up onto the state randomly. He really sold himself short by not giving his real name. Sharon was giving him a great opportunity to get recognized. I actually found the YouTube video of him trying to see if there was anything on the web about a dancer who went by "The Gator" (the one video was the only reference I could find).

Kelly Yancey said...

Err, I can't event edit comments on my own blog. That was supposed to read "pulled up onto the stage", not "state".

jhb said...

Those aren't stuffed animals, they are characters from Yo Gabba Gabba!, a truly terrifying kids show aimed at pre-school kids on Nick, Jr. :)

Kelly Yancey said...

@John: They can't be all bad...they've even got a video starring Weird Al. :) Sounds pretty rocking to me.