Monday, March 14, 2011

More TSA lunacy

As if the TSA's gratuitous strip-searches at the airport weren't enough, they've branched out into train travel too. You know, in case someone gets the bright idea of highjacking a train and running it into a skyscraper. But seriously, groping people as they get off the train? What could the logic possibly be? Certainly not safety: the trip had already concluded incident-free.

We are paying perverts to do nothing of value.

So this is what it has come to? The American taxpayer shells out 8.1 billion dollars a year to get felt up by strangers while our lawmakers fight to kill Big Bird to save 451 million dollars. I'd like to actually meet the people who think paying perverts to feel up law-abiding people after they demonstratively proved they are no threat is a better use of our tax dollars than, well, anything.


Sandy said...

How ridiculous is that??? We have NEVER had a good experience with Amtrak. During the chaos of concurrent ingress/egress of passengers we couldn't get off at our stop. When finally approaching a "Captain" or whatever they call themselves, he had the nerve to ask us why we didn't get off! Had to stand on a freezing platform to catch a train going the opposite direction with a handwritten note from the conductor!!!
(Good to see you out here Kelly! Rick and I often speak of you and Cristin and wonder how you're doing. Were're running and Keep in touch!)
Sandy O'Brien

Kelly Yancey said...

Wow, great to hear y'all are doing well, Sandy. I just checked out; I was honestly hoping the logo would be a picture of Rick hovering in zen meditation.

I had been considering Amtrak as an alternative an alternative to flying to avoid the egregious TSA measures, but it looks like nowhere is safe. :( As if it weren't bad enough that Amtrak makes it needlessly difficult to actually use their service.