Thursday, May 31, 2007

NTTMCL is hiring

NTTMCL is looking for software engineers (but then, who isn't right now?). We are a small research-and-development subsidiary of NTT Communications of Japan. I won't rehash our company profile because it is all on our web site.

We use and develop a lot of different technologies, so while the current positions are focused on wireless, encryption, and VoIP, one of the great things about working at NTTMCL is that you have the chance to work on many different projects beyond those you were originally hired for. I will add that we are far more focused on development than research, with the proportion of full-time engineers to full-time researchers somewhere around 5:1.

The positions ask for C, C++, or Java experience, but we also have at least as much Python and Perl code in use on various projects. Which is to say that being flexible is quite an asset here at NTTMCL. Just knowing/using languages isn't the point: the point is having a large tool chest to pull from and being able to identify which tool is the best tool for a job. Being a R&D company, management is relatively open to trying new tools/languages/etc. if you can justify the choice by explaining how it gets the job done better than the alternatives.

Speaking of which, I've been meaning to write up a post about how much I like my job, but it turns out my co-worker Zach has already beaten me to it. Hopefully, I'll still get around to writing up my own thoughts based on my 5+ years at NTTMCL sometime soon.

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