Thursday, May 24, 2007

XML-RPC patented

Ever being the astute one, I just now discovered that webMethods was awarded a patent for XML-RPC back in April of last year. They don't seem to be cracking down yet, but could XML-RPC be the next GIF/LZW controversy?

It would be hard to compose an unencumbered alternative to XML-RPC when the first claim of the patent reads:
A method of communicating between first and second machines, said method comprising the steps of: generating a message at a first machine including at least one argument and a type label for said argument; and transmitting said message from said first machine.

Since S.O.A.P was developed by Microsoft it goes without saying but that is patented too. I guess I need to start converting my XML-RPC clients and servers to JSON-RPC to be on the safe side.

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