Friday, July 2, 2010

In other news: Subversion still sucks

OK, I've had 4 months to get used to Subversion now. And it is growing on me. Or perhaps it is Stockholm Syndrome. But there are still a lot of annoyances.

After being bashed as a "troll" by one of Subversion's authors after daring to suggest it wasn't all ponies and rainbows, I thought I would check to see if others where sharing my pain transitioning from CVS to Subversion.

Not surprisingly, I did. I found a wonderful summary of all the frustrations I've been experiencing, thoughtfully compiled by no less than David O'Brien of the FreeBSD community.

I would add to his list, as my friend John pointed out in comments to my previous post, that it is really annoying to have to depend on external tools (ironically, CVS) to see commits across branches.

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