Monday, July 12, 2010

Sharp pointy sticks

This past Saturday my wife and I bought recurve bows with the intent to make a hobby out of archery. It turns out there are a number of parks with free-to-the-public archery ranges in the Bay Area. A couple of the ranges we have found are:
We actually got started a couple of weeks ago when we went for a free lesson from the Kings Mountain Archery Club. That was a lot of fun and our instructors were very friendly, helpful, and patient. They give free two-hour introductory lessons about once a month; information about how to signup is available on their web site.

We picked up our bows and arrows at a shop intimidatingly called Predator's Archery down in Gilroy. Much like our experience with Kings Mountain Archery, the staff at Predator's Archery were pretty friendly and helpful and they offer a great "starter package" which includes everything you need as well as 5 lessons.

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